Photography & Video

270° Infinity Cove

  • 5m deep x 4m wide painted area
  • Photographic and Video studio, featuring a floor to ceiling 270 degree infinity cove.
  • Separate studio control room with gallery
  • Overhead truss with lights
  • Dressing room and makeup facilities

Day and hourly rates are available. Professional photographer and videographer can be provided.

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ROC2's Photographic Studio is a versatile studio to work in.

The 270° Infinity Cove (vertical and horizontal) allows the photographer / videographer to work, without needing to repositioning the subject or adjust lighting, - freedom that makes for a streamlined workflow and a creative shoot.

ROC2’s Photographic Studio contains an overhead lighting truss, with a ‘green screen’ and black curtain permanently in situ.

For 'live' video recording, we have tie lines to Studio 2 Control Room, with a window overlooking the studio floor.

For the talent, we have a large make-up mirror and table, with a separate changing room.

"ROC2’s infinity cove is an amazing place to shoot, and a huge asset to have in the area. Having such a versatile and well set up space made what could have been a very complicated shoot with costly post-production a simple joy to put together. I’ll be back."

Andrew Gale





"It so great to find a studio in the Chester and North Wales area with a dedicated studio cove. Great facilities and a really helpful and supportive staff. Thanks Roc2!"

Andy Hollingworth