Photography & Video

270° Infinity Cove

  • 6.3m x 4.6m
  • Photographic and Video studio, featuring a floor to ceiling 270 degree infinity cove.
  • Separate studio control room with gallery
  • Overhead truss with lights
  • Dressing room and makeup facilities

Day and hourly rates are available. Professional photographer and videographer can be provided.

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ROC2's Photographic Studio is a versatile photographic and video environment, containing a 270° Infinity Cove (vertical and horizontal). This allows the photographer or videographer to work, without needing to repositioning the subject or adjust lighting, - freedom that makes for a streamlined workflow and a creative shoot.

In addition, ROC2’s Photographic Studio contains an overhead lighting truss, with a ‘green screen’ and black curtain permanently in situ.

For 'live' video recording, we have tie lines to Studio 2 Control Room, which has a window overlooking the studio floor.

For the talent, we have a large make-up mirror and table, with a separate changing room.

For full length portraits and large products, the 270° Infinity Cove is a photographers dream, whilst for photographing smaller products, the studio's size makes organising the shoot and controlling the light as simple as can be.

At ROC2 we have your photography and videography needs covered.

"ROC2’s infinity cove is an amazing place to shoot, and a huge asset to have in the area. Having such a versatile and well set up space made what could have been a very complicated shoot with costly post-production a simple joy to put together. I’ll be back."

Andrew Gale





"It so great to find a studio in the Chester and North Wales area with a dedicated studio cove. Great facilities and a really helpful and supportive staff. Thanks Roc2!"

Andy Hollingworth