North Wales, Cheshire border, near Wrexham & Chester. 


Recording Studios

Studio 1 is a world class mix room, centred around a 48 input, Calrec Q1 console, Pro Tools software with racks of analogue outboard processors.

Studio 2 is a voice-over / project studio, with a vocal booth and a window overlooking the Photographic Studio, for recording sound to video.

Studio 1 ‘live room’ is a comfortable sound-treated area, for recording bands, chamber groups, small choirs or solo artists. We have a grand piano, drum kits, back-line and a selection of vintage and modern microphones to choose from.

Blondie, Michael Jackson, New Order, Whitney Houston, (to name a few) have been mixed in Studio 1.

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Rehearsal Rooms

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Whether rehearsing for gigs or working on new music, our rehearsal rooms afford great isolation between each room.

A mixer, PA & drum shells are provided as standard in each practice room, with back-line available on request. A grand piano is available in Filter Room.

If you simply need to play LOUD, we have an excellent PA company on site and can provide the right equipment for your needs.

Photographic Studio

For photographers and videographers at ROC2, we have a versatile 270° Infinity Cove (both vertical and horizontal). This flexibility allows the photographer or videographer to work, without the need to reposition the subject or adjust lighting.

ROC2’s Photographic Studio also contains an overhead lighting truss, with a ‘green screen’ and black curtain permanently in situ.

For videography / filming we have tie-lines to Studio 2 Control Room, with a window overlooking the studio floor.

For the talent, we have a large make-up mirror with a separate changing room.

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